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Products You Can Count on - Complete Propshafts and Components/Spares

New Propshaft, components and spares - to suit all requirements.

Propshafts, Bearings, Universal Joints, driveshafts, CV Joints, components, fixings - we are the nations No 1, the largest stockist and our parts availability is second to none! Call for advice and costs.

Propshafts Range:

We can supply complete propshafts for almost any vehicle or application within 24hours of your order.

We commonly supply propshafts for all types of Mercedes, Volkswagen and Ford vans including the full range of Ford Transits. On the commercial vehicle side again all the big names including ,Mercedes, Scania, MAN, DAF, Iveco Ford, Volvo, ERF and all the less common commercial vehicles.

We also supply propshafts for the coach & bus sector for the complete range of Dennis, Optare, Mercedes, Bova, Volvo, Wright to name only the most prolific brands, again whatever you require give us a call!

PTO and plant propshafts can be provided for any size and load requirement that you have.

We also supply all types of industrial and fixed plant cardan shafts.


Centre Bearings Range:

We carry a range of centre bearings and plummer blocks (Pillow block bearings) in stock from 25mm to 100mm inside diameter and in a range of bearing widths and support types for all types of support.

We recommend NSK and SKF bearings for a longer life and reliability.

Centre bearings are required on any propshaft with more than 1 section to support the shaft in position and allow it to rotate unimpeded, generally there will be 1 bearing on a 2 piece shaft and 2 bearings on a 3 piece shaft, but some applications require a bearing at each end as well as in the centre.


U/J Range:

Whatever you call them, Universal joints, Hardy Spicers, Cardan Joints, our stockholding covers from 14mm to 68mm cap diameter and 25mm to 190mm circlip spacing.

Universal joints are needed to allow the propshaft to articulate and supply the drive to the driven device without flexing when the driveline is not in a perfectly straight line. A propshaft needs a minimum of 2 joints, one at each end to ensure that the connections to the drive and driveline are only rotating in a single plane. This prevents undue wear in all parts of the system. The higher the angle between the propshaft and other driveline components the more the couplings will heat up and so have a shorter lifespan. Ideally there should be less then 3 degrees at each change in angle, but up to 33 degrees is possible for some applications using wide angle components.

Alternative methods are CV joints, commonly found on front wheel drive car driveshafts, but also on a variety of other types of propshaft. Another alternative often found on rear wheel drive saloon cars and some commercial vehicles are Jurids, which are basically a bonded rubber donut commonly with 4, 6 or 8 bolt holes to attach to either side of the propshaft and allow it to flex. These also allow a certain amount of flex to absorb large changes in torque without causing a shudder or vibration in the driveline and being mostly rubber they prevent the transmission of a lot of vibration and noise conduction from the axle and road wheels to the passenger cabin.

We carry all styles of joint, External Circlip, Internal Circlip, Staked, Mechanics, Scania, Volvo and offset cross in SAE, DIN, Steering, Industrial and Precision joint ranges.


Flanges range:

At Propshaft Services we keep a wide range of flanges in stock to suit all requirements.

With a size range of 58mm to 250mm kept in stock for all types of universal joint and flange fitments, a selection of DIN, Volvo, SAE, KV, Round, Rectangular and Square fitting flanges are always in stock.


Driveshafts & CV Joints range:

We can supply all types of CV joint and many complete driveshafts for all types of vehicle, VW and Jeep being the most common.

CV joints have an advantage over Universal joints as they keep the complete assembly rotating at the same speed at all times, whereas Universal joints cause the propshaft and driven device to vary in speed throughout a full rotation, the variation depending on the angle that the device is driven through.

Propshaft Services, for all your driveline requirements.


Number 1 for….

Speed – Quickest response & Minimum down time.

Quality – Warranted repairs & components.

Service – Unparalleled customer focussed service offerings.

Keeping the wheels of industry turning, since January 1994.

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