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Fast Prop Shaft Modification To All Standard or Custom Specifications

Revised driveline requirements? Whatever your revised requirements are, we can modify your existing shaft to suit. Simply call us and advise us of your requirements!

We also cater for the commercial vehicle alteration market where we convert 1 piece propshafts to 2 or 3 piece due to lengthening of the vehicle and also shorten propshafts to 2 or 1 piece when the vehicle has been shortened or the wheel layout changed.

There are many reasons to modify your propshaft, often enthusiasts will change their engine/gearbox or rear axle for various power, performance or economy reasons. In this case it can be as simple as changing the flange on one end of the propshaft or as complex as requiring a new propshaft to be custom built.

Many kit cars and trike shafts can require similar alterations depending on engine position and the engine and axle used.

PTO and Plant propshafts often need to be modified when there are changes to the drive system or the driven item is changed for any reason.

Industrial, fixed plant and marine propshafts often require similar alterations to PTO shafts above when there are changes to the driveline.

Propshaft Modifications. 1 year Warranty! Call 01324 813287 today!


What service suits your situation best?

Drop & collect whenever suits you best!
National Courier Collect & delivery – We Assess, Report options, Repair & Return.
See our services page for full details on the service options available or Call our dedicated driveline team now!

Some of the most common shaft modification requirements come from:

Kit Cars

Modified 4x4 Vehicles
PTO – the complete range of Power take off (PTO) shafts for all applications.
One of the most popular modification jobs we do is converting 2 piece propshafts for rear wheel drive Ford cars to single piece propshafts, this is commonly done for Escorts, Capris and various RS models.
Modification prices start from £50 for a Shaft to be shortened

Re-Tubes from £95
Shorten from £50
Extend from £95

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