Environmental Sustainability

At Propshaft Services, we place great importance on doing what we can to ensure our business is as environmentally sustainable as possible. We believe every business and individual should be doing their bit for the planet.


We have compiled a list of things we do to help us be as green as possible:

We have partnered with another local business to wash reusable rags, overalls etc together - saving on water/electricity consumption.

All lighting in our premises is LED.

All non-essential electrical appliances are switched off at the end of each day.

Bulk ordering where possible, to use less packaging & require less deliveries, reducing our share of the impact of deliveries on the environment

We reuse all packaging that is received unless it is damaged beyond repair. This includes passing packaging to our neighbouring businesses when it is not suitable for us but suitable for their needs. We recycle where packaging cannot be reused.

We use a parts washer with a filtration system to cut down on amount of solvent cleaner used.

We ensure proper safe disposal of all fluids that we can't reuse

We email invoices to our customers as standard - Paper copies only provided where required.

We have committed to reducing paperwork by going electronic wherever possible.

We are careful with our water usage to eliminate wastage.

We select suppliers based on their eco-credentials as well as their high-quality goods/services

We encourage our suppliers to supply products with as little packaging as possible.

We have recently improved insulation at our head office and workshop to preserve heat.

We are part of the Cycle to Work Scheme, and a number of our employees have taken up this scheme to help provide funding for a bicycle, particularly at our head office.


We also encourage all of our employees to be as environmentally friendly as possible in their personal lives.

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